Join Him There!

All of my early ministry life was influenced by theologian and author Henry Blackaby.  I grew up Baptist and he was famous in those circles.  I never had the slightest dream of actually meeting him, much less getting to know him.  Henry Blackaby has written some of the most compelling books and teaching materials in modern Christianity.  He wrote Experiencing God, Spiritual Leadership, and so many other works that come from the Spirit of our Lord.  One of the most poignant sayings that touched me was this one:

“If you want to do God’s work, find out where God is working and join Him there.”

I would like to tell you about my evening with Henry Blackaby.  It was several years ago when a ministry I was working with asked Henry and his son Richard (Unlimiting God, Seasons of God) to speak for a weekend session.  Since the conference center did not provide the evening meal, my wife and I were “tasked” with the enviable position of liaison and dinner companions for these fine men and Mrs. Blackaby.  They were so humble and genuine.  As soon as we sat down at the table, they began asking us to talk about ourselves and our ministry.  These giants of American contemporary Christianity were not the least interested in impressing me with their resume or exploits.  It was actually difficult to stop talking and redirect to their ministries because of all the follow-up questions they posed.  However, with some effort, we did it.  I managed to ask Henry about Spiritual Leadership.  I took the liberty of quoting to him one of the lines from his book of the same name, “Spiritual leadership is moving people onto God’s agenda.”  He and Richard responded by telling stories of their experience with ministry leaders from all over the country.  They reminded us that the Bible encourages leaders to pray that God would guide the relationship.  Second, leaders should listen to find out where a person is in their walk, discern where they need to step next what God might be saying to them about His agenda in their lives. Richard remembered some reflection steps from his book, Seasons of God:

1.      Look back on your past and reflect on ministry you have known, the harvest times of your previous labors.

2.      In what of those roles do you sense you have achieved mastery or the peak of your abilities? 

3.      What are some accomplishments you had hoped for that you haven’t experienced yet?

What struck me was the admonition that, once one’s internal review was taken, the important thing to do was to find out whether God was prompting a new mission creation or to join an on-going ministry, thereby bolstering it.  It strikes me today that the next step in your bold destiny could be to utilize all that God has brought you through in order to come alongside another ministry.  I would like to encourage you to pray about bringing all you are to the alter of service by joining us as we bring our retreats to Christian groups.  This can be the year that God “puts it all together” for your legacy in Him.  Please contact us if God prompts you. 

By the way, at the end of the evening with the Henry Blackabys and Richard, we dropped them off at their hospitality rooms.  I will never forget what happened as we got out of the van.  Henry actually got out and made his way toward me.  He offered his hand to shake and said, “It’s been an honor to be with you.”  GET OUT!  THE Henry Blackaby was honored to be with little ole’ me?!  Later, of course, I realized that Jesus had hold of the heart of Henry Blackaby and the evening couldn’t have ended any other way.  I’ll still never forget it.  Can you imagine being “that sort” of influence on someone,- on many someones?  Don’t you owe it to our Savior and Lord to get busy?  He’s waiting for you because he created you with a ministry only you can do.  If you are laboring in that calling, may God bless you in it!  If you are seeking a new challenge in ministry, please don’t keep Him waiting.  “Join Him there!” AND,

Stay Rustic, My Friend!