Today I want to bring your attention to the Forward of our book Killing the Bible. Since most people don’t stop to read the forward, I thought I’d repeat it with some observations here.

killing-the-bible-bookThis book documents what we believe to be God’s true plan for His chosen people who have carried, and will carry, the message of THE KINGDOM to the world. Its scope is from the time that the plan began to be seen even before Christ was born to Mary. Because we have said the words ‘His chosen people’, some would say we are talking about Jews or Israelites. This is not so. This Kingdom of God does not come through Jerusalem. In 30 A.D., Jerusalem rejected that privilege. Modern day Israel continues to be an important place in biblical history but it is not holy land any longer. It is a designated land for God’s activity in the future of planet earth.

Similarly, the Kingdom of God will be revealed as not going through Rome, but rather around it. Rome also remains a designated place for God’s future activity, but it has never been holy ground in any way. Individual Christians and the true church of Jesus Christ have certainly lived and died there, but they were the holy saints, not the hierarchy we know as the Roman Church. Rome ceased to be eligible for Kingdom progression in 66 A.D. with the swing of a sword on the Appian Way.

So, where has God designated a people for this crucial mission of carrying His message to the world? In his infinite creativity, he graciously tucked away a remnant on an island at the western edge of the Roman Empire—what we now know as the British Isles. The theme of a remnant people is not new to Jews or Christians. In the Old Testament, we have numerous mentions of a people who would not bow to worship any other god but what their hearts and heritage told them was truly God. Remnant after remnant, for thousands of years, have been protected by the hand of Jehovah God. These were always a rustic people who shunned the spotlight, except where it could be turned to shine on God’s marvelous works. These holy people have been destined to bring God’s word and will to a desperate world.

As we read, we will see that even The British Isles became, for a time, theologically cancer-ridden requiring many years of spiritual chemotherapy. But the remnant of the rustic people boarded ships, beginning in the year 1620 and came to a new designated land, America. They anchored the holy cause of God to Plymouth Rock. A newly dedicated society emerged through the refining fire to take the message of Christ’s sovereignty to the world. But the story does not end there.

Today, almost 400 years later, America is in danger of going the way of Jerusalem, Rome and Britain. Millions of our children do not know the faith of their fathers and mothers under Christ. So, they do not know the joyful role they can play in the final act of the world’s redemption. Millions more are dedicated to the Christian faith but, not knowing the true and documented history of God’s movement in the world, they cannot effectively join it. Some wise man once said that “vision without practice is hallucination.” Theological knowledge of the Bible which is devoid of the historical relevance of the faith may as well be hallucination.

Some would say that we argue for Britain and the United States to have privilege over others. We say that our insistence is not only for privilege but mandate. Our mandate has been and is to carry the Bible’s message to a weary world. It should be our privilege to carry the mandate.

Psalm 11:3 says, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” The modern day remnant needs a firm foundation in HISTORICAL Bible truth. The distinct outline of God’s providential plan is written in the blood, toil, tears and sweat of ancient and historical followers of God and, eventually, God in Christ. I believe that it is not too late to fulfill our destiny as God brings this fallen world to redemption. You have a part to play in this. Your eyes that read these words will rest in death or they will be transformed in “the twinkling of an eye.” Time is swiftly passing for us to know the truth and use it to set ourselves and others free. In our day, as it has been in many centuries, there are those who would still kill the Bible. The two most useful ways are to ignore it by busying ourselves with temporal, earthly cares or to have so many translations, applications and versions that seekers become confused as the Word of the Lord becomes commonplace. The third most useful way is to defame or degrade it by adding to it as many of the major churches and cults have done in the last century.

My prayer is that you will take this book and learn your heritage in Christ as you have never known it before. And that, in becoming aware, you will lead all whom you touch out of the darkness into His marvelous light.

In Him,
W. Michael McCormack
A.D. 2015
A.D. 2016

Stay Rustic, My Friends!