The Light of Truth

Introducing the DVD that clearly and entertainingly reveals the proof texts of the New Testament; The Light of Truth. The stories of their discovery and preservation will encourage and inspire. Presenting over 100 visual aids in one and a half hours, W. Michael McCormack takes us through Egypt, Israel and the world, verifying our precious 1st and 2nd century New Testament books of the Bible.

The DVD package includes:

  • DVD of performance before a live audience in the Great Hall of the Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Leader’s Guide with discussion points and questions for the group
  • The Light of Truth Book with additional information and pictures, stories, etc.

We will be happy to send teachers and pastors a free DVD of The Light of Truth if they will contact us and give their Name, Church or organization and mailing address. (One DVD per request please.)

The companion booklet with additional pictures, stories, etc. (50 pages) and the Leader/Student Guide may both be downloaded by selecting them here. (These may be downloaded by the leader of the study group and printed by them or each student may log on to this site and print out their own booklet and discussion guide.)

Read Sample Chapter (110kb PDF)

Request the DVD (through our Contact page)

Download the Companion Booklet (900kb PDF)

Download the Leader/Student Guide (125kb PDF)