Killing the Bible

Frequently Asked Questions

Who sponsors the KtB ministry?
The KtB ministry is sponsored by Christians who want to help victims of religions to gain their freedom by exposing religious deeds of darkness; throughout history and today. Organizational and individual sponsors can be anonymous or can be featured at KtB LIVE performances, on the Web site and in the literature printed by the ministry. Please contact us for more information on how you may be involved.

Where can I find more information on the ministry and the author?
Some information is on this website, however, you may get more information by making an inquiry via the contact us page.

Is there any information that is free?
Yes. The booklet download, Help, We’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up is a free download. You may download it and print it out on your own printer. Please keep the title page with the prints and please recommend us to your friends and family members. Also, the companion booklet, The Light of Truth and the Leader’s Guide may be downloaded from the Book section on this website.

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