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W. Michael presents The Light of Truth as a one and one-half hour special event presentation in churches and congregational settings. This Gospel proofs historical message is supported by a Powerpoint presentation and fascinating stories of biblical archeological discoveries. It has blessed many and has been used as a tool for inviting the public at large to visit churches that they would not have attended during a worship service. W. Michael does not charge for these presentations, only asking for expenses to be arranged. Contact us for booking information.

KtB Website Speaking Venue Disclaimer
Please be mindful that Killing the Bible LIVE does not book churches as venues. This is for security reasons. There are those who would harm people because of the content of KtB LIVE and venues must have high security in order to protect those who participate. If your church would like to sponsor a KtB LIVE and has a secure venue in mind, please contact us. The typical secure venue has one main entrance with a guard gate and guard on duty. The second most important aspect is that of a speaking hall that has multiple security views with the capability of wireless communication as well as hard-wired. The third most wanted aspect is for the venue to be close enough for emergency personnel to respond within 10 minutes or less after a call or to have additional security personnel on duty before, during and after the event. KtB has never had an incident where those participating were in danger and that is because we take every precaution for the safety of our guests. Thank you for your understanding.