Killing the Bible gives great encouragement and historically documented evidence to Christians who can, in a few short readings, find the true history of God’s plan for his people, His church.

KtB author, W. Michael McCormack is a historian/theologian in the classic sense. His is the story of travel around the world and documenting:

  • The historicity of stories found in the Bible
  • Historic would-be killers of the Holy Scriptures
  • Christian men and women who stood up against the deeds of darkness
  • Where do the stories come from?
    • In Egypt, the ancient papyri and religion of the Pharaohs’ was studied
    • In the Near East, he travelled Bible lands
    • In Israel, he has walked in the footsteps of Jesus and the early church
    • In Europe and Great Britain, he has documented that the first Christian nation on earth was England.

W. Michael is also an ordained minister and, so, sprinkles ‘Gospel salt’ on the bland and the maniacal characters who have tried (and still try) to kill the Bible. W. Michael has his Master’s Degree from Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary. He currently conducts seminars and retreats nationwide.


About the historic would-be killers of the Bible and the reformation characters who saved it for today’s Christian. A fantastic three-hour show (with intermission) showcasing historic Bibles and multi-media or a fantastic seven-hour day with lunch and breaks.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see or sponsor KtB LIVE, a highly entertaining stage show of the highlights of Killing the Bible stories.

The Light of Truth

That the New Testament is historically viable and theologically accurate beyond any other ancient writing, a two hour, multi-media show with historic Bibles and artifacts on stage.

W. Michael also presents, for churches and organizational meetings, The Light of Truth.

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